Friday, 25 January 2013

Final Thoughts on the course

My favorite assignment in this course was newspaper blackout poetr. I liked this assignment because it was a mix between art and poetry. I really like recycling the words as well as the newspaper all at once! Very fun and hands on.
My least favorite assignment was twitter fiction. I would have rather writing a regular short story than twitter fiction because it was difficult to condense fragments/ and entire story into 140 characters. It was also difficult to make 30 tweets worth of short stories.
I loved friday reading class. It was an excellent way to end the week and start the day, it was so relaxing to indulge in the book.
I honestly didn't use the WRN. I made it the first week and after that added the odd book into the log section but I even stopped doing that after a while.
Blogging was okay. I didn't love it. I think in the future you should think about cutting down how many personal additions we need to do, 40-45 is a little steep because I know I never really had time to add to my blog because of homework etc.
Tweeting was definitely not my favorite. I never really wanted to have a twitter account and I don't think I will go back to using it. I didn't like it for writing stories on it especially because they were super fragmented and it was hard for me to get solid ideas out.
I liked the integration of technology in the course, I think it's about time we moved on from pen and paper. The probable reason I wasn't to fond of some of the technological assignments was probably cause I wasn't use to it.
I think I learned that it takes me a while to get into the groove of a project I'm not really feeling but for some of the more creative ones I get into it much faster.
I really liked the course as a whole however I do feel rubrics should be more clearly stated. Also I think there should be the option to not use the blog for everything because some people might not be ready to leave the old fashioned way behind.
Don't take this course as an easy pass! There is a lot of work and if you do not stay on top of it you will not be happy with your mark.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Twitter Challenge

I am very dissapointed with Jimmy Fallon. Not only did I tweet at him multiple times, each time I said how big of a fan I was! Still I got no response which made me sad. I also tweeted at: Ellen, Zac Efron, Jamie Oliver, Channing Tatum, Obama, Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report, Paper Kites, Zac Galifinakis, Tracy Morgan, Adam Levine, Ed Sheeran, Neil Patrick Harris, and Evander Kane and noone answered :(

Writing reflection #8

Newspaper blackout poetry
  This was my favorite writing assignment so far. I felt so creative while I was doing these short poems that I wanted to just keep making them. I really like the idea of using someone else’s words to create your own original idea. For me it felt easier to use words that were already there than to start working with a blank page. The problem I came to while writing was that I would have an excellent idea (or so I thought) and just flow with it and then I would go back and realize that it was difficult to make sense of. Eventually after a few revisions it was making a little bit more sense. I wasn't really sure if it was only making sense to me however when I gave it to Sarah she told me it made sense (she could have just been being nice though). I feel like this would be a good way to write a song, I say that because lyrics in songs are often fragmented and have a lot of meaning behind them and I, for one, put a lot of meaning into my newspaper blackout poetry. I found that the content of the article had nothing to do with what I was writing about. While it may have helped to have an article that was written with passion than to have a bland article written with no passion, it didn’t matter if the article I was using was about politics, musicals, movies or music. They all came up totally different than what the article was about.

                To sum up, I loved this project. I had difficulty with it because I was going too fast while I was writing it but once I slowed down and reviewed it, it all came together.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Authors note:
                When Mrs.Mclauchlan introduced the Buried Life project to us in class I have to admit, I was super excited. I had been watching the Buried Life for a while and loved the show (how could you not, four hot guys doing good things for others… ) and was excited to see what opportunities the project would bring. On my list I have lots of travel and meet famous people items (oddly enough no, go to Hollywood) and I think this has a lot to do with hearing stories of how my parents traveled when they were younger. Hearing the stories combined with making a list of things I wanted to do (a list without boundaries)  I really developed a wanderlust. I heard someone say once that school isn't the only way to become educated and that really spoke to me in that I realized not only did I want to go to university to get an education, I also wanted the world that I live in to educate me. There are so many things you can learn from traveling and I hope to experience most if not all of them. For my project I chose to combine with Sarah and Lane to create a video of the things we wanted to do. I thought we would have a more exciting project if we combined because three people can get more done than one. Although it pushed our list items that we needed to show up to 75, it was still worth it because we communicated really well and had tons of input for one another that, in the end, created a better quality project. As I said before I really developed wanderlust when working on this project and really experience the world for what it is. I really enjoyed hearing what Lane and Sarah wanted to do also as it influenced things that I wanted to do, or add to my list.

Now what?
How am I going to go to Coachella? It is a big goal for me (jobless, living off my parents money) but I am confident that I can make it happen. Ideally I would be attending this amazing music festival with friends so this probably will require further planning with a friend willing to attend with me. To start planning for my trip to the desert in Palm Springs I would need to contact my grandparents who have a condo in the city of Palm Springs. Since my grandpa is very old fashioned staying with them will eliminate any male friends that might want to come along for the ride female friends will be welcomed graciously. If my grandparents agree to let me stay at their humble abode, I will then look into possible modes of transportation from the city to the concert site. Also at this point I will be looking into flights and what kinds of tickets I will want to buy for the festival (probably a camping pass, less transportation that way, I will most likely be shocked at how high ticket prices and refine my search for a friend who can get me a good deal on plane tickets. Now that all the passes and sleeping has been arranged I will now go and buy appropriate clothing for the festival (any excuse to go shopping right?) and a good sized tent to sleep in when I arrive. Now none of this plan will ever happen if I don’t make enough money to support my dream of seeing all of the greatest musicians perform in the desert, so I will probably start applying to jobs soon. This is really the ultimate bucket list item because realistically it’s possible to cross off a couple of my meet (insert famous name here) items at this awesome festival!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Looking forward

Rediscovering Belle and Sebastian made me reminisce of times when I used to listen to them (music is so amazing in the way it can bring you back). This reminded me of the book I was looking forward to reading before. I haven't read it yet and have had some troubles finding it but I will continue to look of course! Here is the plot summary as told on
"All Tom's friends really are superheroes.
There's the Ear, the Spooner, the Impossible Man Tom even married a superhero, the Perfectionist. But at their wedding, the Perfectionist was hypnotized (by ex-boyfriend Hypno of course) to believe that Tom is invisible. Nothing he does can make her see him. Six months later she's sure Tom has abandoned her."

Flash back

After posting a few music musts I spent some time looking through my iTunes and rediscovered Belle and Sebastian, I can honestly say I can listen to them at any time. I find that their music tells a story. Obviously it's not for everyone, it's quite laid back and quite, however the lyrics are thought provoking and well thought out. Belle and Sebastian to me is the literary equivalent of the fault in our stars (John Greene) it's quirky and fun but some of their songs have a sad undertone. I highly suggest you have a listen!